Some Background In mailing Bags

There are many different types of mailing bags available, but plastic mailing bags are some of the strongest and most resilient. While paper bags are strong, plastic bags offer something paper bags don’t. They are practically waterproof which offers protection from rain or spillage of liquids. Since plastic mailing bags are sturdy, flexible and can stretch slightly, they are excellent for mailing books and clothing. They are very resistant to tearing as well.

Large companies can buy plastic mailing bags in bulk and in different colours, shapes and sizes. Plastic bags can also be purchased individually. Plastic mailing bags can also be padded, just like paper bags. The strength of plastic bags comes from the polyethylene they’re made from. Polyethylene or polyethene is a polymer of carbon and hydrogen. This means a long chain is created through a chemical reaction. This long chain gives the plastic polyethylene its strength. Polyethylene was first developed in Germany in the late 1800s.

Plastic mailing bags are also just as secure as paper mailing bags. They have a security seal that will show if it’s been tampered with. Since plastic mailing bags are so versatile and lightweight, they make excellent mailers. Because they are made of plastic, they should be recycled so they don’t end up in landfills like so many plastics do. Plastic is not generally biodegradable, so recycling should be considered. There are, however, some plastics that are now made of recycled materials or are specially constructed so that they will begin to degrade in the sunlight.