Welcome to UK Mailing Bags

UKMailingBags.com have been supplying Mailing Bags to online retailers and auction sellers for many years and we have built up a reputation for our quality of Mailing Bags and speed of service. This product guide mini site is designed to give you full details of our standard Mailing Bags, includeing sizes of Mailing Bags, colours of Mailing Bags and of course how to order and purchase our Mailing Bags online.


Peel 'n' Seal Mailing Bags

All our Mailing Bags are what we call Peel 'n' Seal. What we mean is you simply insert your items into the Mailing Bag, peel away the paper strip to reveal a very strong glue strip, then stick the flap securely over the Mailing Bag to seal it closed. This makes our Mailing Bags hassle free, very quick and extremely simple to use.


Mailing Bags in a Range of Sizes

Our Mailing Bags come in a range of sizes to suit all your mailing needs. Our Small Mailing Bags are suitable for items such as CD's, socks, jewellry to name a few. Our Large Mailing Bags would suit items such as clothing, towels, shoe boxes, boot boxes etc. Our Small Mailing Bags start at just 6.6" in width, and our Large Mailing Bags go up to 29". No matter what it is you need to post, we have a size of Mailing Bag to suit.


We can also supply bulk quantities of Mailing Bags

Our retail wesite is targeted at small business who require small quantities of between 10 and 200 mailbags. We can also supply bulk quantities in boxed amounts of 250 to 1000 per box. Buying Mailing Bags in bulk can save you up to 60% in costs. Find out more about Bulk Mailing Bags.